playwright test --project galata jupyterlab is wrong

Execute the “playwright test-- project galata jupyterlab” command when testing, the getTab function of galata/helpers/activity.ts
the parameter name is Launcher ,
TabSelector is / / div [contains (concat (“, normalize-space (@ class),”), “jp-Activity”)] / ul/li [contains (concat (“, normalize-space (@ class),”), “lm-TabBar-tab”) and. / div [text () = “Launcher” and contains (concat (“, normalize-space (@ class),”), “lm-TabBar-tabLabel”)]].

Since page.$ (xpath=$ {tabSelector} ); cannot get the corresponding element, the getTab function is called repeatedly later to test the case.

Could someone please tell me how to solve this problem? It seems to be the problem with Launcher, but there is nothing wrong with Launcher.