Permission denied error to unix path in JupyterHub

Users are not able to access their drives from jupyterhub while they are able to do so using putty by logging to the server.
JuoyterHub is installed using an application account and not root and the JuoyterHub service is running with the application account.

Can you please advice how to fix the issue?

Hi! We’ll need more information before we can help you. Have a read through

Ideally we need enough information to reproduce your problem, this includes things like your operating system, how you installed JupyterHub, versions of components, your JupyterHub configuration, any customisations, your user environment, etc.

Thanks for your response. I have installed anaconda package which has python 3.6 on rhel 7. Also , installed jupyterhub(2.3.1v) along with nodejs and configurable http proxy.The notebook version is 6.4.10
Please let me know if you need any further information.

Hi @manics ,

Can you please advise?


Hi! You still haven’t given us sufficient information to reproduce your problem. Ideally please give us a step by step account of what you’ve done, including your configuration files, and how your actually runnign JupyterHub. Please also turn on debugging and show us your logs.

It also looks like you’re using an unsupported version of Python and JupyterHub. Although in theory it should still work if there are any other problems you’ll most likely have to upgrade.