Output in text/html format contains style tag with obsolete attribute "scoped"

I’d like to report that the html used for storing printed dataframes - or heads thereof - in *.ipynb files contains style tags with the obsolete attribute “scoped”. As far as I understand, support for <style scoped> has been dropped as of May 2016. At least, it has been dropped from the HTML5 specification. Beforehand, this attribute was already controversial. It’s also disturbing that he attribute is added to the html without value. It makes it more difficult to parse this html - e.g. with xml.dom.minidom - because it causes an exception: xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token) or so. If it would be added as <style scoped="true">, it would at least make it easier to ignore this attribute.

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The code lives in pandas itself:

This might be worth reporting/PRing there, especially if there is some recommendation for achieving the (intended) effect.