Output font size for cells on notebook forJupyterLab

I want to increase the font size of output cells of notebook on JupyterLab but am unable to do it. Can anyone help me?

I think the top of my answer here may relate to your question. You’ll want to change fontSize in Settings. Although, it isn’t limited to the output font size.

In JupyterLab version 2.1.2, you can just go Settings > JupyterLab theme > Increase Code Font Size several times, and it will increase the font sizes from both the code and code output.

Also see Python3 in JupyterLab: How to change font-size of the output from Python?

I changed it but it only changes for the text editor. What I want is an increase in the font size on notebook, which I can’t find

What you are talking about is true for input cells, but it doesn’t have any effect for output cells

What version of JupyterLab are you using? JupyterLab is very much under active development and you need to use the latest to take advantage of the many options being actively enhanced.

I just tested version 2.1.2 and you can increase the code and code output size both by repeatedly going to Settings > JupyterLab Theme and selecting Increase Code Font Size. (Go here and use any launch badge button to confirm in your own browser.)

Thats great. I’m using jupyterlab thru anaconda and its version 1.xx something. Can you tell me how are u using jupyterlab? Thanks

Just to clarify, does your output font size increase while you are working with notebooks or using text editor?

While using the notebook.

I use it through MyBinder.org. You can say you want version 2.0. For example, see here.

Thanks, I managed to resolve the issue by updating jupyterlab. I dont know why it doesn’t come preinstalled with the latest version when I install the latest version of anaconda. Anyway thanks once again…

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Probably, something I pointed out in another response yesterday might help you in considering this. And that is that JupyterLab is under very active development presently. As you saw version 2 is relatively new. Anaconda often is about offering a stable package that works best in the full management system and what gets installed may not be the latest and greatest for that reason. There’s compromises.

In Version 3.5.0, Settings → Advanced Settings Editor, select “Theme” in left navigator, then in User Preferences, make change for “code-font-size”.
Read more about Jupyter Lab Settings article:

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