Out of Memory Error in Running Build

I am getting an out of memory error. Details I have posted here: Out of Memory Error in Running Build · Issue #10158 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

What extensions are you trying to install?

If all of them are on Extension Compatibility with 3.0 · Issue #9461 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub, you shouldn’t need to run jupyter lab build at all, just pip install (or conda install -c conda-forge.

Indeed, a number of extension authors (such as myself) aren’t even testing their extensions as “source” installs because… exactly the problem you’re having (and many more, like Too many open files) created by expecting every user to have a working webpack setup.

If you’re maintaining your own extensions… try to get them ported to JupyterLab 3! There are some helper scrips in the GitHub - jupyterlab/extension-cookiecutter-ts: A cookiecutter recipe for JupyterLab extensions in Typescript, and many lessons learned embedded in the above issue.

If you’re maintaining your own custom JupyterLab for redistribution… try a Linux VM (or CI) for your build! I can’t recommend WSL1/2/g/etc, docker on windows, etc. for much of anything unless you’re really ready to bite off a lot of “surprises”.

I am trying to install Bokeh

Running that issue down, looks like jupyter_bokeh >=3 (from pip or conda or mamba) might fill the bill for you.