Opening a new notebook each time via a query param

Hello jovyans,

I’m looking for a way to open a new notebook each time I navigate to a server instance via a URL,

think of something like:


I was unable to find anything meaningful in the github issues besides this issue that seems related to opening a new document via a URL.

I think this should be fairly simple to implement in my plugin if nothing native exist but wanted to reach out in case anyone has implemented anything similar or has any advise.


I believe this got answered in the JupyterLab gitter channel on Jan 17th 2023. However, since those aren’t easily searched or recalled, to help others finding this thread I’m adding here Nick’s reply that seemed to address the question:

“You need a handle on IRouter a la jupyter-videochat

I might add that jupyter-starters can do this already, optionally with jinja templates, and even complex forms… a new release is coming “soon”… but holding out for react-json-schema-form@5.

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