Open new panel with 1/3 ratio of the screen

Hello everyone,

I have a few commands to open diverse panels. For example:, 'main', { mode: 'split-bottom' });

  1. Is there a way to open this panel but with a ratio of 1/3 of the screen instead of half of it with split-bottom?

  2. Once this panel opened, is there a way to open a another document in the same panel (meaning as a second tab of the already opened panel) ?

Thanks in advance,
Have a good day,

I’ve found the solution for 2), below is the solution I came up with:

// Iterate over each widget in the 'main' area to find the log console
   for (const widget of'main')) {
      if ( === WIDGET_ID) {
         WIDGET_TARGET_PANEL = widget;
 // Then you can open your panel where the WIDGET_TARGET_PANEL is located, 'main', { ref:, mode: 'tab-after' });;

Still haven’t found a workaround for 1), it might not be possible.