Notebooks shutdown after 10 minutes


First post on here so hello to all.

I set up a JupyterHub notebook server over a year ago and it hasnt been used all that much. Recently more people are using it and a few are seeing the notebooks shutdown the instance after 10 minutes. For the life of me i cant remember how i set the server up and when i look in the config file everything is hashed out.

  1. How do i find out the location of the config file being used?
  2. I know it is 10 minutes as i can see it culling the instance in the log file but how do i stop this from happening?


James can start up the jupyterhub using the your own config file by the command"jupyterhub -f /etc/jupyterhub/",which will start up the jupyterhub using your config file. can use the command “nohup jupyterhub -f /etc/jupyterhub/ &” to avoid shutting down in 10minutes beacause using & means running jupyterhub in daemon