Notebook to PDF export - how to stylise large table outputs to display within page margins?

I’m having a long notebook with lots of data analysis. I have exported it as a pdf but the output regarding some of the displayed data frames and charts is making the whole document very unpleasant to look at. Especially when it comes to displaying large data frames.

For example I have this correlation matrix of 24 rows and 24 columns. On a notebook it displays nicely within left and right margins and all columns are not displayed; that is how it is supposed to be. Is it possible to achieve the same in a PDF export? Currently the data frame is being printed as a raw format, so all columns are being printed and that is taking a LOT of space and pages and preventing interpretation of my findings. Is there a way to customise this output? Also for PDF exports, is it possible to increase the page margins or change the page size from the usual A4 to something else?