Notebook running wrong python version

I installed jp notebook with homebrew, seems like notebooks is running a version of python 3 that maybe embedded (I read it comes built in with conda), so it doesn’t recognize all my packages, how do I point to the correct version? Im trying to import pandas

brew list:
apache-spark icu4c jupyterlab node openjdk@11 pandoc readline scala xz
gdbm ipython libyaml openjdk openssl@1.1 python@3.8 ruby sqlite zeromq

pip3 list
Package Version

numpy 1.19.1
pandas 1.1.2
pip 20.1.1
python-dateutil 2.8.1
pytz 2020.1
setuptools 49.2.0
six 1.15.0
wheel 0.34.2

I uninstalled jp notebooks with homebrew and reinstalled with pip3 and it worked fine. Not sure if thats a solution or more just a work around. From my experience use home brew to install main formulas but not sub packages of those formulas rather rely on pip or gem install for python or ruby respectively for example.