Notebook 7 and custom.css

Previously for jupyter-notebook <7 one could use a custom.css file to adjust certain properties of the notebook, e.g., the width of the cells, the width of the complete notebook, and many others.

  1. Now, since the update to jupyter-notebook >=7 the custom.css file does not seem to do anything to the notebook anymore (it still does so to the jupyter-nbclassic). Is this proper behavior?
  2. If custom.css files are not working anymore for jupyter-notebook >=7, how can I get a notebook to fill all of my browser’s width?
    Thx. for your help.

Any update on this important matter? thxs.

@markb This could probably help:

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custom.css is supported in Notebook v7, it was implemented in Load custom CSS by RRosio · Pull Request #6841 · jupyter/notebook · GitHub and examples (linked above) were added in Added example of custom css files by RRosio · Pull Request #6919 · jupyter/notebook · GitHub. If you experience any issues (something is not working for you) please open a bug report (with detailed reproduction instructions) in the issue tracker on Jupyter Notebook GitHub: Issues · jupyter/notebook · GitHub as this forum is not monitored for bug reports.

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