Non-admin users can't log in because of token permission errors

Hi everyone,

I am building Jupyterhub on Kubernetes and I noticed that users that are not allowed as admins trigger the following errors:
“ValueError: Requested token role server of <APIToken(’…’, user=’*****’, client_id=‘jupyterhub’)> has more permissions than the token owner”

“Token requesting scopes exceeding owner *****: {‘users:activity’, ‘access:servers’, ‘read:users:activity’}”

If the user is then allowed as admin then the error will not appear. I haven’t done any changes to the file. Has anyone had this error and found a fix for it? Many thanks!

Hi! Can you show us your full configuration with secrets redacted, and tell us your Z2JH version?

Hello, sorry for the late reply!
For jupyterhub i am using the base image k8s-hub at version 1.1.3. Over it I install the latest version of Jupyterhub from github, on which I added additional features.
The only changes I have done to the source code in jupyterhub were adding an additional column for the groups table in the database. The scopes and roles have not been changed and the normal jupyterhub (without k8s) deployment works well.