New Jupyter Branding Colors


No! I don’t want to get rid of Jupyter Orange. don’t worry (or celebrate).

I opened a PR on the design repo to explore a secondary brand color.

Please ring in with thoughts/ideas. I am working with an intern at Cal Poly right now on this project. I’d love it if anybody has input, or wants to join us as we explore this.


As Tim explained in the GitHub issue, we’re focused on adding some blue options to use as secondary colors instead of/as well as the grays we currently have. We’re planning on having three blue options: a light background, medium text color, and dark background. There are two groups of swatches currently being considered:

HSL (216, 87, --)

HSL (203, 90, --)

You can head to the GitHub post Tim linked to to see more details about why these are being considered, and weigh in here or there with thoughts!