Need Help I'm new to this forum and Jupyter in general

Hi I am dealing with this issue and not sure how to fix it, anyone know how to?

That just looks like you have not used consistent names? You have top5_sales_seg on the second line. Then you use top_sales on the next line. Did you mean to use top5_sales_seg on the third line?

Other notes:
Always best to post code as text and errors as text. You can make code blocks easily with the interface. Generally the only time it is good to post images when seeking coding-type help is to supplement text and/or show something transient than only be captured via a screenshot.

Finally, this isn’t a post pertinent to Jupyter. Yes, you are using Jupyter in this instance; however, you are coding with Python and encountering a Python NameError. If you ran this code directly in a Python or IPython console or as a Python script, you’d have the same issue. That test is how you can discern the proper channel for seeking help. If only Jupyter is showing the issue, then here is appropriate. Another way to think about it, Jupyter is capable of running many languages. If you were running R code in your Jupyter notebook, for example, you’d probably want to seek a forum of R users for troubleshooting problems in the R code.