Nbgitpuller and dockerspawner

Hi! I’ve been struggling for a long time now to get nbgitpuller to work with my jupyterhub environment. I’m using this setup: https://github.com/jupyterhub/jupyterhub-deploy-docker

Everything is working fine, except that I don’t get nbgitpuller to work. I installed it through the docker shell in the container, through the terminal in the user interface and through a RUN command in the singleuser Dockerfile. Still, I get 404 when opening a link generated with https://jupyterhub.github.io/nbgitpuller/link.html

Am I missing something? Where is the right place to install nbgitpuller? Any changes to the link structure with the dockerspawner setup? Any tips on debugging?

Thank you!

I’m also hitting this problem when using the DockerSpawner with nbgitpuller. Did you find an answer?

To answer my own question: it worked once I installed git and nbgitpuller into the Docker image, rather than using them as is. i.e. I had to make my own image based on one of the standard ones and use that.