Multiplexing of the channels on one websocket without specifying the channels field in the Message Header


I have been digging through the documentation to find an answer to the following question: Does the message type dictate which channel the message will be received on?

I am asking because in on this Documentation Page at the chapter “ZeroMQ wire protocol” it is mentioned that all channels are multiplexed on one websocket connection based on the channel key in the message. However, I am able to send messages to the kernel without specifying the channel key, by which I know that the message type must be the indicator to know to which channel the message is supposed to go.

This is important because I am writing a thesis, where I would like to point to a specific source instead of stating this fact without having an actual proof.

Thanks in advance.

All right, I just found it.

For those who want to know, on this Documentation Page at the chapter “The Wire Protocol” it is mentioned that the prefix of the message type dictates to which socket the message should be send to.