Multiple files opened in each split window at start up

So basically, I’ve been trying to find a way to automatically have multiple windows opened, each with its own notebook files (say, Untitled.ipynb & Untitled1.ipynb), at the startup time of JupyterLab in browser. From what I’ve learned, this would mean that separate ipykernels are running for each window.

I managed to open two .ipynb s at start up,
but I would like the screen to be like below at start up.

The sizes/contents of the main area, and sidebars is stored together as a workspace. If you configure it the way you like, you can save off that set, and reload it with a specific URL, or overload the default, blank workspace with it.

Here are some docs in the binder context with a link to an example of a workspace file.


Thank you so much!
I was able to bring notebooks up , precisely following the binder-workspace-demo.

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