Load extension by default with JupyterHub on Kubernetes

Hi guys,

I have followed the guide on zero-to-jupyterhub and managed to get the JupyterHub server working on K8S.

I use a custom image with package nb_black baked in it and whenever I start a new workbook, I just need to run %load_ext lab_black to load the extension.

Now, as I want to load this extension automatically whenever I launch a workbook, I did some research online and found this thread.

Basically I need to make the configuration file ipython_config.py so that it has the below config:

c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions = [

How can I do it with my current setup?

You should be able to add that to one of the Jupyter configuration files:

Since you’re using Z2JH you can test this first without JupyterHub- build your singleuser container locally with any required configuration, and test it locally.

Hi @manics , which file should I use? I followed your suggestion but the post didn’t mentioned any ipython_config.py file.