Learning about Discourse itself

@codinghorror and @Dax at meta.discourse.org provided me with excellent resources and suggestions on where to find even more that I browsed through. Here is a summary.

New user guide

A guide for moderators

Useful topics for staff

More guides are available in the #howto category. I linked it sorted by views as well to help you find the most useful ones.


@consideRatio this is awesome! What do you think about creating a channel in meta/howto that is scoped for the Jupyter Discourse page. I feel like that’d be a little bit more discoverable than using a tag (which is kinda what we’re doing now). Any thoughts on that?


Sure! I wonder if you can turn all posts for a certain tag into a category? Will look into that.

UPDATE: If I’d self-hosted this deployment of discourse I’d know how to do it, but not now. But, we can move these post manually with ease.

I’m trying to make it all concrete in my mind, and this is what I came up with.

  1. We make a sub-category, someplace, scoped to help users of the forum use it well.
  2. We create a pinned post for that sub-category that suggests some stuff, something similar to this but perhaps less exhaustive.

Eh… Hmmmm, but a lot of resources are referenced to other resources still I guess. Assuming we can move around all the posts we want without issues, how would you like things structured?

PS: Moving a category or subcategory, or renaming them etc are super easy and won’t break links to topics within them.

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Yep - I think the step to re-organize would be:

  1. Create the sub-category
  2. Display all the posts w/ the “how-to” tag
  3. Select all the posts and batch-move to the new category
  4. Remove the tag
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