Large File Size Warning

Hi All, I am new to JupyterLab and I have a question in regards to File Upload.
When I upload multiple larger files it always prompts me the message “Large file warning… do you want to upload” and I need to confirm every individual time. This is kind of annoying, any way of disabling this warning message? Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know about disabling that warning, but there are some options besides that. You could combine the multiple large files into one, with tar czf for example, before you upload that archive. Then you only face the warning once. Alternatively, you can make the archive accessible via URL on DropBox or similar place and use curl -O or wget to get the archive from inside the notebook or a terminal. If you can make the files public, you can also put them at GitHub and then use git to pull them in.

Thanks for your feedback! I have never used tar czf before. But that could be an option since zip does not work.
Dropbox or Github are not option since it is sensitive data.