Jupytext extension

I’ve installed the Jupytext extension “jupyterlab-jupytext”
but I don’t see the command Jupytext in the command palette as shown in the documentation
I also activated the extension

jupyter nbextension enable --py jupytext 


Please link to or describe what you are posting as images. I see now your image is from here.

Did you install it with the following?

jupyter nbextension install --py jupytext [--user]

You mention ““jupyterlab-jupytext”” in your post and so I’ not following if you are using the notebook or JupyterLab?

I am using Jupyterlab.
Yes I did the installation as given by you and then I enabled it as shown in my post.
I also install it through the extension manager of Jupyterlab.


Well what I put wasn’t the directions for JupyterLab. And the enabling command posted in your original post isn’t for JupyterLab. That was for the classic notebook. And the image you posted in your original post isn’t JupyterLab. So it’s hard to advise you when it seems what you are trying is at odds with JupyterLab.

Which version of JupyterLab are you working with? This matters a lot. The documentation here and here discusses how to install the extension for JupyterLab. In fact, there is a very important aspect at that latter site:

"Please note that Jupytext includes an extension for Jupyter Lab. In the latest version of Jupytext, this extension is compatible with Jupyter Lab >= 3.0 only

It tells you what to do if you have another version of JupyterLab.