Jupyterlab uses up all my free space to write jupyterlab error txt

Every week, at a random time after closing JupyterLab, I receive a notification that there is no free space on my disk, and I have to manually delete these error logs that take up all the space on my disk from JupyterLab. Whenever this happens, it sometimes crashes my other programs.

Here is a screenshot of more details:

I couldn’t find any discussion threads on Reddit, GitHub, or here that are related to this problem. Additionally, when I check the task manager, I can see that there are nine or more instances of Python running in the background.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does anyone know what might have caused this? Is it a bug, and will it be fixed in future updates?

In addition, when I try to delete them, it is saying “jupyter-lab.exe” is using it; I hope this extra information helps.

Answered in Jupyterlab uses up all my free space to write error txt · Issue #15363 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub. This appears to be an Anaconda Navigator, not JupyterLab issue.