Jupyterlab on harden os

Hello, I like to ask 2 questions

  1. Can I deploy Jupyter lab on hardened ubuntu or debian OS. Is it possible? It is due to security reason as application or service must be running on hardened OS only in our environment. In GCP Vertex AI notebook, I can only choose non hardened Debian or Ubuntu.

  2. How can I access jupyter lab web interface using https from client computer within same network? Like access to

Pls help.

Thank you.

  1. I don’t see a reason why not, if there are limitations I would suspect these are limitations of your vendor (GCP) not JupyterLab
  2. in general you will need to configure a certificate for the server, see Running a public Jupyter Server — Jupyter Server documentation but then on GCP there may be some other requirements which are not JupyterLab-specific.