Jupyterlab not remembering trust for notebooks

Not sure if this is a bug or just a problem I am having. I didn’t have this problem before Jupyterlab 3.0. With JupyterLab 3.0, I did a fresh install, but now all notebooks seem to be untrusted after a Jupyter restart.

For example, I make a new notebook, run a few cells, save then quit Jupyter. When I restart Jupyter that notebook will be untrusted even though I made the notebook. A lot of my work involves SVG images, so it is really annoying to have to retrust every notebook when I want to open it.

Did I miss something in change log? Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a setting I am missing to remember trust on the notebooks I create?


I’m experimenting with this, and I’m also seeing issues with JupyterLab remembering trust status for a notebook. I’m opening an issue about this here: Cannot "trust" a notebook with blank cells · Issue #9765 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

What I’m seeing is that JupyterLab has problems trusting a notebook with blank cells. If you run all cells, then delete any blank cells in your notebook, then save, is it trusted? Note that the trust status is displayed in the status bar (the shield icon).

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Yes, it will become trusted if I remove the blank cells and save, but it is not trusted when I open the notebook up again in a new JupyterLab session.

The same holds when a Html5 movie is generated and rendered perfectly as cell output [HTML(*)].
When the file is saved and reopened again the cell output seems to be gone, but it is not.
Just “trusting” the notebook renders the cell again.

I understand this is due to a lack of trust in html code.
Could the blocked rendering of HTML output in an existing file not be replace by a small message:
“HTML output not rendered, as this notebook is not trusted. Please trust the notebook to render this cell”?

This would prevent me from rerunning cells unneeded, as some of these movie calculations can take a lot of time.

Excellent idea. Can you open an issue with this feature request?