JupyterLab is slow/laggy. Reason detectable via logging?

Hi! My JupyterLab is reacting slow. I recently changed from Python 3.9 to 3.10, and it was fast before. I guess that some extension is to blame. Is there a method to change the juypterlab log (see image) to a higher precision to identify the down-slowing process?

Here are my extensions:

>jupyter labextension list
JupyterLab v3.3.4
        bqplot v0.5.34 enabled ok (python, bqplot)
        dask-labextension v5.2.0 enabled ok (python, dask_labextension)
        ipycanvas v0.11.0 enabled ok
        jupyter-leaflet v0.14.0 enabled ok
        jupyter-matplotlib v0.11.1 enabled ok
        jupyterlab-plotly v5.7.0 enabled ok
        jupyterlab_pygments v0.2.2 enabled ok (python, jupyterlab_pygments)
        nbdime-jupyterlab v2.1.1 enabled ok
        @bokeh/jupyter_bokeh v3.0.4 enabled ok (python, jupyter_bokeh)
        @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager v3.1.0 enabled ok (python, jupyterlab_widgets)
        @jupyterlab/server-proxy v3.2.1 enabled ok
        @krassowski/jupyterlab-lsp v3.10.1 enabled ok (python, jupyterlab-lsp)
        @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz v2.2.0 enabled ok (python, pyviz_comms)
        @ryantam626/jupyterlab_code_formatter v1.5.1 enabled ok (python, jupyterlab-code-formatter)
        @voila-dashboards/jupyterlab-preview v2.1.5 enabled ok (python, voila)

Other labextensions (built into JupyterLab)
   app dir: C:\other_software\Winpython64-\WPy64-31040\python-3.10.4.amd64\share\jupyter\lab
>jupyter serverextension list
config dir: C:\other_software\Winpython64-\WPy64-31040\python-3.10.4.amd64\etc\jupyter
    dask_labextension enabled
    - Validating...
      dask_labextension 5.2.0 ok
    jupyter_lsp enabled
    - Validating...
      jupyter_lsp 1.5.1 ok
    jupyter_server_proxy enabled
    - Validating...
      jupyter_server_proxy  ok
    jupyterlab enabled
    - Validating...
      jupyterlab 3.3.4 ok
    jupyterlab_code_formatter enabled
    - Validating...
      jupyterlab_code_formatter 1.5.1 ok
    nbdime enabled
    - Validating...
      nbdime 3.1.1 ok
    voila.server_extension enabled
    - Validating...
      voila.server_extension  ok

Additional context

  • Windows 10
  • WinPython 3.10
  • Corporate PC behind Firewall