Jupyterlab-git help on pushing a commit

I’m looking for any maintainers/users of jupyterlab-git, who can help me get beyond the initial UX hurdles I’m having with the UI. I’ll be happy to add experience gained to the docs, where I can’t find specific hints on the issue below. I’ve already figured out how to build a custom container image with jupyterhub-git as per Help deploying jupyterlab-git extension with jupyterlab under kubernetes (where you can see the background of what I am trying to do).

I am trying to create a commit and push to a github repo I have created already, and cloned using jupyterlab-git. When I select and stage a file, and type a commit message into the box for that, and click the big blue checkmark (that goes from greyed to blue), the checkmark goes back to greyed but nothing else appears to have happened. If I open a terminal and check git status, it shows nothing staged. So it appears that something about the staging process is not working. Any help is appreciated. Maybe I am missing something obvious but I see no UI hints about what to do, and can’t find a walkthru of the process.

Thanks for any help.

hey @blsaws :wave: - you’re welcome to ask around here, though I’m not sure how many jupyterlab developers are on this forum (at least for now we’re trying to keep this Discourse page focused on JupyterHub / Binder as a pilot). Have you tried asking around at the jupyterlab gitter channel or in the jupyterlab/jupyterlab repo? (feel free to share a link with this Discourse thread if you do…we don’t discourage non-hub conversation, just wanna make sure you find the right people to help!)