JupyterHub Reverse Proxy on multiple SSL Certificates

Hi, my self Prasanna,
I’m Working as a Hadoop Admin and now trying to do Reverse proxy on Jupyterhub with Multiple SSL Certificates on the Same machine.

mynew.site.com:8000 is my normal JupyterHub login page so Parallelly I want to use the same JupyterHub login page by Using ‘myold.site.com/Jhub
Is it possible?

Have a look at

As long as your host/forwarding headers are setup correctly multiple domains should work.

Hi, @manics Thanks for your suggestion, I followed the steps but it’s taking the root location and it interrupts Other service URL’s.

Is your Nginx configuration easily understandable? If it’s not then try creating a minimal config, and gradually adding more sections to it until it breaks.

You can also try sharing your full configuration here, though without knowing your full setup it might be tricky to figure out the problem.