Jupyterhub Restarts Kernel Every Time i try to run a 3D reconstruction with Pyvista


So i have deployed a jupyterhub installation at: lab.golembio.com here i am planning to teach EEG analysis to students. I am not from a computer engineerin background so some problems seem impossible to solve for me.

Anyway, you can register and check the “tutorials” folder i have created, for example check out “MNE ile stereoelektorensefalografi verisi işleme” (I will translate tutorials to my language, the titles are in Turkish but the tutorials are still in english) it crashes at 7th cell. Restarts the kernel.

The same thing happens with [MNE ile EEG MEG verisi isleme - genel hatlar.ipynb] notebook too. It runs smoothly until the last cell, where the user plots a 3d brain…

I checked the logs and there were no error details.

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Hmmm. This often happens when you hit a memory limit, can you check that this isn’t happening? Can you call the same vis function on its own with other (smaller) data?