JupyterHub + proprietary $$ software (ie Matlab, IDL, ENVI, etc)

Hi folks,
I’m advising on the science side on a project looking to make a cloud based solution for a community of users whose workflows merge both open source options like Python and some proprietary commercial software like Matlab or IDL. I wanted more experienced folks in the community to chime in on my questions:

  1. Am I correct in thinking that if there’s a ipython kernel available for the proprietary software we should be good to go for users to use Notebooks/Lab in JupyterHub with said software?

  2. Licenses: am I correct in thinking that in a JupyterHub case the licenses for such software would be handled the same way they would be in any other department computational system where there’s number of licenses which a user can check out from a license server as configured in a .csh/.bash file when a user’s kubernetes pod is spun up?

Yep those both sound correct to me - generally speaking it depends on the specific license terms of the proprietary software, but I think often those are designed on a per user or a per kernel basis