Jupyterhub on Amazon EKS - Libraries Installation

Hi guys! I need some help with the configuration of my deployment.

I made the deployment following this guide, with some minor changes: Deploying JupyterHub to Amazon EKS.

I read that, in order to install libraries on all the JH accounts, you just had to install them on an admin account, but in my case that’s not true! If I install, for example, pyscopg2 on my admin account, the library stays only in this account!

And, there is also another problem. If I install a library, after I close the server, the library must be reinstalled again.

The version of Kubernetes is 1.21. I also attach an image that contains the values used in my installation. Thank you for the help!


Everything on Kubernetes runs in containers, including your single-user servers. If you want to add packages to your user environment you’ll need to rebuild your containers.

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