Jupyterhub Login via token

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to enable JupyterHub users to login using a token instead of a username and password? If so, how can this capability be implemented in JupyterHub?

Yes, it is possible. You would need to implement an Authenticator to do it.

Without more information, it is hard to provide more guidance. For example:

  • who issues the token(s)?
  • do tokens correspond to usernames, or do users get to pick their usernames?
  • can a token be used more than once?

Thanks for your reply,
I lack sufficient knowledge about the process of issuing tokens for a large number of users in JupyterHub.
1- Who is typically responsible for generating these tokens?
2. In my opinion, it is advisable to assign random tokens for each username in JupyterHub to enhance security.
3. Indeed, each user in JupyterHub possesses a unique token for every login instance.

I guess my question is: what problem are the tokens solving, and what do you want the user experience and admission process to be? You might be interested in native authenticator (that’s native to JupyterHub), which offers things like user sign-up with admin approval, including email verification.

Most JupyterHub deployments use some kind of external identity provider, such as Google or GitHub or an internal institutional service via oauth, which means you don’t need to manage any credentials in JupyterHub at all, you just need a list of users to allow from your chosen identity provider.