Jupyterhub deployment scopes


I’m interested in connecting with a few other .edu users on the scope of their jupyterhub deployments. Specifically, I’d like to write a little proposal locally to move our research/development jupyterhub into SaaS for the school and perhaps across campus. Most things are done on the margins now, by people who are keen and interested in playing, but I’d like to understand large deployments others may have done and the infra (whether it be in house or an online service/product) which is being used just so I can present some options.

At the moment we have two different jupyterhubs run by different groups, one on GCP and one on AWS, both backed by k8 clusters and WYGIWYG (what you get is what you get) support. A host of people are using Google Collab, or Sagemaker as well, and of course some are trying to help students run things locally on their machines.

So to a question: Is your dept/school/uni using jupyterhub in a large way, and do you do services locally or contract out with a third party?