Jupyter runs on Mac , how to share my plotly graphs with others? the IP doesn't seem working

I am running Jupyter notebook on my mac which connect with a local wifi.

How can my friends see my graph (html ) from another machine ?

It depends how and what you want to share with them and/or the public.

Some suggestions:
The simplest may be to generate a static image in your notebook and send the image of the plot to them. Static image export for plotly is covered here.

Depending on your installation, it may be possible to save the notebooks as PDFs. You’d have to see if the plotly graphs get saved as part of that.

Because you are using plotly graphs, you have the ability to use their hosted chart studio to share the graphs with others. See the note at the top of here that begins ’ Note: No internet connection, account, or payment is required to use plotly.py.’ and then see here. The page Getting Started with Chart Studio in Python will walk you through the actual process of using it.

You could also share the notebooks as static items where you put them somewhere, such as in a github repo or gist, you can point nbviewer at them for static rendering .
Or you could share active notebooks hosted on Github, GitLab, Zendo, or FigShare via the MyBinder.org, see here to get started.

thank you for the reply.

I am using Plotly.
I have same code using jupyter notebook on windows machine, it was fine to share with others , i just have to change the localhost to the ip of computer and send out the url.

now I am doing the same thing on mac, and it doesn’t work . others can’t see the page, and weird thing is the ip address in url will auto change to localhost…

do you know why?

by the way, I am using Plotly offline.