Jupyter Notebook 6.1.0 is now available!

The Notebook 6.1.0 release is now available! You can catch up on the changes here.

This release culminates in a substantial community effort with nearly 60 different contributors. Thank you to all those that contributed, raised issues, and participated in its success!

To get 6.1.0:

For pip-managed installations:
new: pip install notebook
existing: pip install --upgrade notebook

For conda-managed installations:
new: conda install -c conda-forge notebook
existing: conda update -c conda-forge notebook


amazing! thanks to all the folks that contributed! :tada:

conda-forge update: we ran into some novel dependency speedbumps on the non-mainstream platforms, but all the packages have now been uploaded, with support from upstreams and the conda-forge core team. They should be generally available within the half hour. happy interactive computing to everybody at home with your powerpc running pypy!


Thank you @bollwyvl!