Jupyter Lab search notebooks


Can you search notebooks with keywords?

e.g. search “keras” to show every notebooks that includes “keras”


Unfortunately, there is no easy, integrated way to quickly add search right now by pip installing something that I know of.

There have been a number of efforts at integrating whoosh, using databases, using git, etc. but none of them have really “stuck,” probably because there isn’t a unified way to access it.

A path to making this possible would be to:

  • pick an existing search API
  • pick a way to advertise the search API, e.g. OpenSearch
  • get it into the ContentsManager API (there is an old spec)
  • implement it for the default LargeFileContentsManager
    • here, whoosh might be appropriate, as it is pure python, and has no dependencies
    • but sqlite would also be serviceable
  • get it into JupyterLab
  • get it into a popular “scalable” ContentsManager, e.g. pgcontents
    • postgres already has good full text search

Wow, thanks. It’s good to know that the simple search doesn’t exist.