Issues with versions of @types/react in my extension - help wanted


I currently try to program an extension for JupyterLab which worked fine after getting going with the basics. But now I hit a roadblock I am stuck on:

Consider the following:

  • I use the possibility for React with ReactWidget which works fine
  • I need to include a Parallel Plot in the Widget, whereas I would like to use Plotly


  • So it seems that no matter what I try in terms of versions of react-plotly.js / @types/react-plotly.js I always come up with different versions of @types/react (one 18 & one 17). It seems that @jupyterlab/apputils uses 17 and current plotly-stuff uses 18.

I am really a bit stuck here and would be very glad for any idea, tip or workaround to sort this out. I guess the issue will prevail for any current react-related packages. This might be related

As always, appreciate any help :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Adding this block to package.json solves it:

“resolutions”: {
“**/@types/react”: “^17.0.0”

I dont know why I need to write a forum post to solve things. :smiley:

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