Is there information about posible JupyterLab debuggers?

I am looking for information about JupiterLab python debuggers

I think I’ve mentioned a few debuggers in passing in Tracking Jupyter; eg try this search for debugger in TJ archive.

I personally have been looking forward to seeing this one by @jtp and others become ‘official’. That link I think is to the developing one, based on a post in July (which includes a demo gif) that I referenced at the end some debugging resources I listed previously here.

Yes a debugger for JupyterLab is coming soon!

We are now very close to the first release, and the development is happening in

Feel free to check some of the previous PRs as most of them have a screencast to showcase the current state, and give an idea of the user experience.

There is also a Binder link to try the master branch, as well as a pre-release.

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