Is there a way we could request enhancement in the jupyter notebook interface?

Is there a way to hide the code cell and change the code cell to a clickable button?

In the near term, you may want to consider ipywidgets.Button, as it is portable across many Jupyter front-ends.

With voila or RISE you could then have fairly fine-grained control of how they are displayed.

You can also try importnb to have your “show” notebook and a “behind the curtain” notebook that you import.

That being said… I’ve had the desire for this to be a client-specific activity for JupyterLab on another presentation extension, but this button capability could likely be a standalone capability, even if it was developed there.

As the upcoming Notebook 7 will be based on JupyterLab 4, once it works in JupyterLab will likely Just Work in the new UI, as most things already work in e.g. retrolab… but I don’t really write stuff for the bootstrap/jquery notebook anymore.

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