Is there a way to hide the Enable Debugger button?

I am customizing my JupyterLab 3.6.1 UI and like to hide the Enable Debugger button. I can use user-setting to hide some menus and buttons (Settings > Advanced Settings Editor), but I had no luck hiding the Enable Debugger button. In the Debugger setting, there are only three keys to edit: “autoCollapseDebuggerSidebar”, “defaultKernelSourcesFilter”, and “variableFilters”, and none can hide the button. Is there some other settings I can use, or should I use some other methods to hide it. I’d like to avoid developing an extension just for this purpose. Thanks!

I figured it out using a .jupyter/labconfig/page_config.json file with the following content. I share it just in case anyone else is looking for the same.

“disabledExtensions”: {
@jupyterlab/debugger”: true,
@jupyterlab/debugger-extension”: true


For reference, this is covered in the official documentation.

The equivalent command line to disable a given extension would be:

jupyter labextension disable @jupyterlab/debugger-extension

But files are also good, as they can be checked in.

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