Is there a maintenance mode?

Hello Together,

Is there a way to put Jupyterhub into maintenance mode?
How do I prevent logged in users from accessing all pages except the login page for a certain period of time? Because there is a message that maintenance is currently taking place.
There also seems to be no way to simply log out all users.
I hope you can help me.
Thanks a lot

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You can change jupyterhub_cookie_secret and restart JupyterHub. This will invalidate all the existing session cookies of the users and they will be eventually logged out. Unless you take your identity provider that your authenticator is using to authenticate users offline, they will be able to login again immediately.

If you are using a reverse proxy like nginx or Apache, shutdown the hub and CHP and display a maintenance page.


Thank you very much, that helps me a lot.
Is there anything else to consider when I change the jupyterhub_cookie_secret? Any other side effects?

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AFAIK, there are no other side effects of changing jupyterhub_cookie_secret !

There are no side effects to changing the hub cookie secret, it solely has the effect of invalidating all cookies used for subsequent requests to the Hub. Notably, tokens are not invalidated, nor are sessions authenticated to single-user servers.

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