Is there a facility for dynamically adding services to the Hub?

The Hub can be made aware of pre-spawned services by using the setting in the configuration file. For example, = [
        'name': SERVICE_NAME,
        'url': SERVICE_URL,
        'api_token': API_TOKEN

However, is it possible to add these dynamically? I tried just appending them to the list, but that didn’t seem to work.

I would like to add them dynamically from a Spawner. I asked a similar question in another thread, but I thought rephrasing it this way may make it more clear what I am trying to do.

Thank you.

No, at this point services can only be added by editing configuration files and restarting the hub.

Usually, the answer for launching an additional endpoint as part of a Spawner is jupyter-server-proxy, so it’s within the server that the proxy occurs, rather than telling the Hub about it.

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