Is it possible to set urlpath correctly for both pulling content repo and accessing the app?

In the following tutorial, it introduces a way to launch the dashboard directly by appending ‘?urlpath=panel/clifford’ to the end.
Server Deployment
The format of the link is<repo_url>/master?urlpath=panel%2F<name_of_notebook>”

Meanwhile, the following post introduces a way to separate the environment repo and content repo. Since the environment repo changes way less often than the content repo, doing so is likely to reduce binder’s startup time.

Tip: speed up Binder launches by pulling github content in a Binder link with nbgitpuller

In order to do so, it also uses urlpath argument, like the following:

What I want to ask is whether it is a simple syntax modification to combine both two. For example, I have a panel app in the content repository. I want to provide the user with a link that access the dashboard directly. Meanwhile, I want to separate the environment repo and content repo.

It’s possible:

  • will redirect to urlpath=git-pull?...
  • nbgitpuller will redirect to urlpath=...

So you’ll need to url-encode the nbgitpuller URL and args.
There’s a helper app here nbgitpuller link generator — nbgitpuller documentation

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