Is it possible to install a consumer (e.g., pip install package-name) without installing its provider and still be able to find the provider?

I created an extension that has another extension as a dependency. Everything works fine when I install both extensions. The consumer is able to find the provider. In the consumer I have singleton set to true and bundled set to false.

However, I am wondering is it possible to install the consumer without explicitly installing the provider? I tried setting bundled to true, however the consumer isn’t able to find its provider when I do this unless the provider is explicitly installed.

It seems like if I don’t explicitly install the provider, I always get the error Shared module @educational-technology-collective/etc_jupyterlab_telemetry_extension doesn't exist in shared scope default in the console.

I tried setting singleton to false and bundled to true, however I see an error using that configuration as well.

“Both extensions will need to be explicitly installed to be activated. JupyterLab will not activate an extension package that is only a dependency.” (Jason Grout, GitHub - jupyterlab/jupyterlab: JupyterLab computational environment.)