Ipyvuetify: Combobox value not retrievable inside a button click handler

I am trying to get the value of a combobox on a button click and process the value in the button click handler. However, the combobox.v_model is not updated correctly in the button click handler when the button is clicked after inputting text in the combobox.

Here is what I did (code below):

  1. enter string ‘xxx’ in the combobox when widgets show up
  2. click on the button thereafter and fetch the value of combobox.v_model
  3. check the print statements in the jupyter log console

to retrieve ‘xxx’ in the button click handler in the combobox.v_model

retrieved None instead

Is there a way to retrieve the combobox content with a button click following immediately the input of text in the combobox?

Note 1: when ‘Enter’ / ‘TAB’ is pressed before the button click (combobox looses focus), all works, but not if the button is pressed immediately after inputting text in the combobox.
Note 2: If the combobox is replaced by a TextField, a Select or a Autocomplete widget, the v_model value is updated correctly in the click event handler

import ipyvuetify as vue

\# vuetify combobox and button
combobox = vue.Combobox(label="Enter name", v_model="", items=[], autofocus=True)
btn = vue.Btn(children=['Process name'])

component = vue.Row(children=[

\# --- event handlers -------------------------
def on_button_clicked(widget, event, data):
    print(f"in btn clicked: {combobox.v_model=}")
    \# some processing of the input value here

def on_combo_changed(widget, event, data):
    print(f"combo changed: {combobox.v_model=}")

combobox.on_event("change", on_combo_changed)
btn.on_event("click", on_button_clicked)


Log console output following steps 1-2:

in btn clicked: combobox.v_model=None
combo changed: combobox.v_model='xxx'

Expected log console output following steps 1-2:

combo changed: combobox.v_model='xxx'
in btn clicked: combobox.v_model='xxx'