Ipympl in Extension Manager

I assume that Extension Manager is the recommended method to install packages in JupyterLab. But I can’t find ipympl (for matplotlib) in the Extension Manager.

It depends. Are you using Anaconda/conda at all? If you are, then methods using that take priority.

You can see the recommended way spelled out here for ipympl.

In general you can run the install commands in the notebook so the installation occurs in the proper environment.

So in this case assuming you aren’t using Anaconda/conda, you’d make a new cell in the notebook and then run the following in that cell:

%pip install ipympl

(Run in the notebook %conda install -c conda-forge ipympl in place of that if you are using Anaconda/conda.)

Then after that installation completes successfully, restart the kernel. For rather complex installs like this you may want to shut down and restart Jupyter and your browser so all the setting changes take place and are propagated throughout the tech you are using. You may though try to just run the basic example (shown below the installation directions there) and see if it works after the kernel restart. If it does, then you should be set without the restart Jupyter and refresh of the browser.

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