Introducing the Buckaroo Data Table for Jupyter

The Buckaroo Data Table streamlines one of the most common tasks in data analysis, looking at the raw data (pandas and polars).

Buckaroo is built around a modern performant javascript table that displays dataframes in the jupyter notebook.

  • A high performance data table with intelligent downsampling

  • Sensible Defaults that are overridable for your own workflow

  • Built in sortable columns

  • Summary stats a click away

  • Histograms

  • Auto cleaning of dataframes

  • Pluggable analysis to add summary stats and extend/change built in functionality

  • A low code UI for common data cleaning operations (to_datetime, dropna, groupby)

  • Python code gen so you can take the generated code anywhere

  • Extensible command palette so you can add your own transforms

This removes the drudgery of df.head(), df.describe(), exporting to excel, and other awkward workflows we have come to expect as normal.

Install buckaroo today with

“pip install buckaroo”

repo here:

I will be giving a webinar about Buckaroo this Thursday, October 19⋅ 1:00 – 2:00pm EST.

I’m excited to hear feedback and suggestions




Unable to import Buckaroo_widget

try from buckaroo.widget_utils import BuckarooWidget

@nasrin_begum_pathan Did you run pip install buckaroo? Next restart your notebook kernel.

Try running

import buckaroo

import buckaroo registers buckaroo as the default handler for dataframes in the jupyter notebook.

You can also try

from buckaroo import debug_packages

Import seems to work but displaying shows as error
“Error displaying widget: model not found”

How did you install buckaroo? installing buckaroo via %pip install buckaroo magics is a difficult path. Because of widget JS registration.

Try the following:

  1. Menu “Kernel > restart and clear all cells”
  2. Menu “File > Save notebook”
  3. reload your browser.
  4. Re-execute cells

Also, are you running “jupyter lab” or “jupyter notebook”
buckaroo requires notebook > 7. you have 6.5.4
But that normally results in a different error

make sure you’re running “jupyter lab”


updated notebook 7. But still not getting the black screen.

How to update notebook>7?

try a cell with just the line of df. Buckaroo isn’t involved in print(df)

from buckaroo import BuckarooWidget

updated notebook 7.0.6. imports are working.Struggling with an error.

Could you please share the link for YouTube where able to change single row of a column to other data type.certainly the whole column datatype should change not single row.just want to cross check.

The auto typing works on an entire column.

Could you get in touch with me out of band. I’d like to do a screenshare with you, I think I can help you with some of your issues better that way.


Yes.It would be a great help.When can you share me the zoom meeting link??

What is the importance of the percentage values.It’s showing different for different columns?How are they assigned?