Internal Server Error after renaming notebook

Hi everyone!
I´m new to jupyter/notebooks developing and recently i had an error after renaming my notebook.

As i was gathering information about information flow, i wanted to rename the notebook as

“investigation_error_30%”. In fact, the notebook was renamed but after that, i can´t access it anymore.

Making duplicates doesn´t work… trying to rename it back, neither…

I can´t find a way to access the content again…

Does anyone know how i can fix that?

Thanks in advance!!

Hmmm. My gut instinct is your use of symbol % in the name may have caused an issue. Have you used that symbol in other files that are still working where you are working?

As for how to fix it now if that is the issue. Hopefully you use the terminal and rename it. Are you familiar with the mv command in Bash/Unix? Barring that hopefully you can open it either via the Jupyter editor and paste the content in a new file. Or again use the terminal and this time do the cat command and direct or pipe or stream the content to a new file.

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Hi, thanks for the reply!!

Actually that was the first time i used that simbol… thought it would remind me better of what that notebook was about… (bad ideia…)

unfortynatelly i´m not familiar with Bash/Unix… but i will ask my team mates if they are, and perhaps they can help me!

I appreciate your help!!

I´ll reply later if that worked!

Okay. If your colleagues cannot help you, I can suggest some specific things.