Installing Jupyter on OpenShift 4.6.17

Hi all, I have used the OpenShift 4.6.17 operator hub to install the community edition of JupyterLab 1.0.0 on my cluster. It installed without any issues. I created an instance in my project. That instance started fine. I logged into the web dashboard using the token I extracted from the running instances pod as was instructed. I tried to create a notebook and it returned: Invalid response: 403 forbidden.
I looked at the logs in the pod and see this error:
permission denied error: [I 13:00:54.449 LabApp] Creating new notebook in /
[W 13:00:54.584 LabApp] 403 POST /api/contents/?1614085254444 ( Permission denied: Untitled.ipynb
[W 13:00:54.584 LabApp] Permission denied: Untitled.ipynb

Not sure how I interpret this. I was wondering how the instance gets associated with storage. I did not see any configuration for attaching a PVC. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.