Installing a prebuilt labextension + server extension

Hi, I have a question on prebuilt lab extensions for Jupyterlab v3.

My understanding of prebuilt labextensions is that I can install/enable them in the Jupyterlab terminal and start using them after refreshing the page without restarting the server.

If a prebuilt labextension has a server extension, can I use the extension without restarting the server or is a restart needed to read in the new jpserver_extension configuration?

Right, that is for the frontend part of the extension (the prebuilt assets).

I think a restart of the server would still be needed since the extensions are loaded on server startup.

Linking to this topic for reference since it’s about reloading server extensions, although more focused on the development mode aspect of it: Reload jupyter serverextension

@jtp I see, yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply and link!
It looks like the server can be automatically reloaded when changes are made to any Python src files with the following config update:

$ jupyter lab --ServerApp.autoreload=True