install all dependencies at once of a single package

Hi ,

I Have a docker file that pulls the Jupiter’s minimal image and installs a python package named preprocess1.
when i install it i expect that all its dependencies are automatically installed, but that does not happen

Here is the docker file code:

    # import pre-built image from minimal notebook 
    FROM jupyter/minimal-notebook
    # Install required libraries
    RUN pip install preprocess1

After building and running the image:

docker run -p 8888:8888 notebook_demo

I open up the jupyter note book and try to import the
preprocess1 library. That results in error

`from preprocess1 import toolkit as tk  `

This throws an error as pandas & ipywidgets are not installed on the minimal image.

I have already tried adding a requirment.txt file with preprocess1 in it but it still does not pick up preprocess1’s dependencies

Usually when we do pip install a package it also installs all of its dependencies
so how do I accomplish the same thing in this container ?


Are you updating pip in the container first before installing preprocess1 since that is a newly updated package? See here and here.